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Catherine majored in composition both at Undergraduate and Masters level. She worked with recorded dialect and examining the musicality in local speech resulting in an electro-acoustic album called Dialect through Music. Other examples include the music for the opening ceremony for the Tall Ships Race event in Lerwick in 2011 and Da Snarravoe Njuggle, an educational play. She also works as a session musician composing and recording string parts for albums recorded locally with cellist Katie Hall.


Recently she was commissioned to write a piece of music to celebrate the last in the Shetland series of books by author Ann Cleeves. This was performed at book launches across the UK including Shetland and London which was incredibly well received by both the author and her readers. The piece was then travelled around international book launches ranging as far as Australia and the USA via a video at each book event.


"Cathy played an original, moving piece which sounded like an authentically traditional Shetland tune that evoked the drama and delight that lives within Ann's novels as well as the mournfulness and tragedy in the lives of some of her characters."

- Alex Purbrick , Shetland News

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